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Code of Conduct

GreenEOSIO Code-of-Conduct

To encourage transparency and accountability within EOSIO community.

We are on a mission to drive sustainability using blockchain technology It is an unshakable commitment to a Sustainable lifestyle. We love technology, we love blockchain, we love to innovate, we love to build. But in everything we do, we think about the impacts of our actions on society, nature and future generation.
Together with our passion and thoughtfulness, we believe that Block Production is the correct platform for us, it’s a big responsibility. To make a commitment to this, we took a stand to support good initiatives from the beginning. So, in everything we do we wanted to make sure it’s good for the ecosystem, community and most importantly it’s sustainable. By working together with our community we aim to be transparent, democratic and sustainable in our activities.

Principles & Guidelines

  • Network Agreements - We solemnly declare to uphold and abide by the governing rules set forth by the EOSIO Blockchain Network Agreements like EUA. These are the rules and the only agreement to which we are bound. We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by the network agreements to protect the network from undue harm.
  • Block Producer Minimum Requirements - We solemnly declare to uphold and set a standard in the EOSIO eco-system to provide infrastructure for the EOS Blockchain Network in both Mainnet & Testnets. We will comply and embrace our commitment for a sustainable network. 
  • BP Cooperation - As a Block Producer we will welcome all opportunities to co-operate with other Block Producers that do not compromise our independence and our values. We believe that cooperation is healthy for the whole ecosystem and allow us to run the governed blockchain in the best way possible. All cooperation’s will be transparent and made public with agreement from both parties.
  • Governance - As a Block Producer will abide by the governance principles agreed in the network. We will actively work & encourage community in creating platforms which improve the governance process.
  • Professionalism - We encourage professionalism in the community. All team members of GreenEOSIO will act responsibly and respect other opinions in the community. We do not encourage violence or abusing or improper behavior while expressing concerns in the community. If we observe anything similar, we make sure that these actors are accountable for their behavior.
  • Financial Accountability - We will maintain full accountability by being transparent with the community. We encourage investors who standby our mission and code-of-conduct. Any partnerships or collaborations will always be made public. We do not encourage ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interests in other Block Producers.
  • Sustainable Development - We are motivated to drive sustainability in the blockchain and activities surrounding it. It’s not just using green energy, we encourage new ideas, projects and support them to incorporate at-least 1 sustainable development goals set forth by United Nations. We care and think about the impacts of our actions on society, nature and future generation.
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics - We declare that we will always act with honesty and integrity while applying the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. This includes never paying voters for their support and making all actions transparent.
  • Amendments to our Code of Conduct - Amendments to our Code of Conduct will be informed by the community’s will and will be broadcast to community members through all viable communication channels before formal adoption.

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