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Top Block Producer in EOSIO eco-system with Sustainability focus 


  • Mainnet - All our mainnet infrastructure is currently hosted on bare-metal servers in a secure data centre. We have 3 producer nodes for high availability, we have a 3 peer node & 2 api nodes with full history enabled. For more infromation, check out our bp.json
  • Testnet - You can use our nodes for testing purposes as well. We participate on WAX Testnet as well.

Our Products

We bring new tools and applications to WAX Eco-System

WAX Greeny Bot

WAX Greeny Bot, an interactive chat bot that can help you with monitoring your WAX accounts, provides live prices, links to wax guides, account management, feedback management, etc.


  • Problem 1 - It's hard to keep track of various actions happening on the blockchain accounts. There is no monitoring solution on the WAX Blockchain today that notifies you if something happened with your account. This is a fundamental problem when you dealing with financial assets. 
  • Problem 2 - There is a lot of information being generated everyday in the WAX eco-system alone which includes new guides, updates and documentation etc. It takes a lot of time to help onboard new community members easily and answer the relevant questions quickly. The human involvement always leaves the room for mis-information and FUD. There is no tool today in the WAX eco-system to serve that purpose.
  • Problem 3 - Blockchains are complex and account management is a painful job. In order to do a simple transaction you need to login into your wallet and sign with your keys etc. This is a complex flow for many people. There is no simple way to just transfer some tokens quickly using an existing social medium today without going through the complicated process.But people are used to various social media and communication channels already. 


  • Milestone 1 - A telegram chat bot providing Account Monitoring Alerts, Live Prices, Stats and Basic guides. We have successfully finished milestone-1 and it's live since Feb 2020. You can access it here.
  • Milestone 2 - Adding AI intelligence and new information handling system to process on-boarding and helping users with their questions. A better service gives you loyal users. [Ongoing - Expected to be launched in April 2020]
  • Milestone 3 - With a significant user base, we can help spread new announcements and help new dApps reach customers quickly("content-sharing portal"). We will also add functionalities like token transfers between accounts upto 50$ on telegram, NFT trading using telegram accounts etc. [Idea Phase/Some pre-work. Expected to be launched during Q2 2020]

WAX Greeny Bot in numbers

Since the launch on Feb 14th 2020

Stats & Goals

We will update the target goals every 3 months. The current goals for the period(May-14 to Aug-14) are below:

1) Users - 400
2) Accounts - 700
3) Actions(Transfers, Bandwitdth etc) - 20000





Action Stats


Battles of Humanity

Battles of Humanity, is an interactive single & multiplayer card game built on WAX Blockchain. The game theme is about sustainability. The goal is to educate users about sustainability while having a fun experience.

Concept - It's hard to educate people about sustainability. So we created a game which involves digital cards(a.k.a digital assets) where each card has 2 key characteristics :

1) PI (Profit Index)

2) CF (Carbon Footprint)

Each thing on Earth derives its properties and importance from these 2 characteristics. 

More the PI, better is the substance for using with respect to cost and energy needs. This means the substance or the area is very tempting to use for immediate requirements but may degrade the environment in longer run.

Lesser the CF, better is the substance in terms of sustainability. Carbon footprint calculation serves as an assessment tool in terms of green house gas (GHG) emissions and then, it serves to manage and reduce these emissions. Areas of high emissions should be eliminated or improved for better future. Thus, carbon footprint is an indicator of sustainable development.  

The dapp hence focuses to teach the importance of both PI and CF while fun playing.

Game play:

1. Game starts: Both player receives equal number of cards (say 6 cards) that are same. All the cards are visible to both users throughout the game. Each player gets time limit (say 5 minutes) and the timer starts.

2. Both users select the card they want keeping in mind the characteristics number.

3. Random selection of characteristic: The random characteristic is chosen by smart contract every turn after both players have chosen the card in their time frame.

4. The winner is decided based on which player chose the better card in terms of that characteristic and he /she wins opponent's card. eg. if the cards chosen are the plastic bag and paper bag and characteristic is CF, then player who chose paper bag wins.

5. The player loses the game if the time runs out or the cards remaining is 0.

6. Game Over: Winner gets the reward.

Timeline - We are estimating a timeline of 8 weeks to launch public beta of the game. Below are the milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - Launch of game with single and multi-player functionalities in July.
  • Milestone 2 - Adding NFT trading functionalities.
  • Milestone 3 - Creating game groups in Telegram & enabling p2p trading functionalities using WAX Greeny Bot 

Got any questions?

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